The Centre

Take a tour of our 18,000 sqft centre including the massive CrossFit training area, Open Gym section, change-area with showers, bar santé, Style Rx clothing store and more.

The following on-site services will be available.

  • 6000 sqft of CrossFit space with more equipment, rowers and a 48’ pull-up rig
  • A larger class schedule including more morning and evening classes
  • A section dedicated uniquely to Open Gym (available 6am – 8:30pm)
  • More showers, toilets and lockers (monthly rental will be possible)
  • PrivateTraining service to work on weaknesses or injuries
  • Café/bar santé for pre or post workout coffees, shakes and meals
  • Chiro/Osteo/Physio clinic services to help with rehab, prevention and injuries
  • Clothing store for all your CrossFit wardrobe needs
  • Nutrition supplement store

This new facility will make L’usine the largest CrossFit facility in Canada and it is thanks to you!.

Located at: 1499 Rue William, Montréal, QC H3C 1S9