Is CrossFit for me?

Versus traditional workouts, what are the benefits of CrossFit?

Save Time: Don’t spend hours of your precious time at the gym. CrossFit workouts last on average 30 min, with some as short as 10 min. Get in, sweat, get out.
Results: All CrossFit trainings are timed. This means that you can strive to beat your own personal best times or compete with other L’Usine members.
Personal trainer: Because classes range between 3-8 members, you always have a certified trainer supporting, correcting and encouraging you each class.
Diversify your workout: Bored of the same treadmill and bench-presses? CrossFit workouts are rarely the same. Each one has its own challenges, rewards and fun.

Can anyone do CrossFit?

As described on, the CrossFit method can be made to adapt to any individual’s experience or condition. Whether you see yourself in one of the categories below, or in a category all your own, we are confident you will benefit from our workouts.

I’m in great shape! (I exercise 2-3 times per week and participate in sport activities):
Perfect! It’s time to push yourself to the next level. If Olympic athletes can find a challenge in the CrossFit workout, so can you! Use L’Usine as an alternative to your workout schedule. Try working on different physical competencies; respiratory endurance, flexibility or speed etc.

I’m kind of in shape (I exercise/play sports once a week or every other week):
Getting more out of your normal routine a challenge? Feel like you’ve plateaued? It’s time to try something different. Your body naturally gets used to the same workout and stops benefiting from it. L’Usine workouts focus on full-range movements so your entire body benefits.

I’m not really in shape (I don’t go to the gym but try to stay as active as possible):
L’Usine is the best place to start. Take advantage of having a certified trainer help you set your goals and guide you through each workout. All movements are scalable to match your experience. Plus, what better way to stay motivated than having a group of members sweating along side you? Ever thought you could brag about beating an Olympic athlete’s time or doing more reps than a university athlete? CrossFit’s scalability can make it happen!

I consider myself too old for this kind of workout:
Nonsense! If you pick up grocery bags or your grandchildren, use a shovel in the garden or mop your kitchen you are already doing CrossFit-like movements. At L’Usine you will work on flexibility, posture, agility and many more life-enhancing benefits. All movements are scalable to match your experience and capabilities.